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My Tree thanks to slodwick

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Ice Hockey yayness!
Sharks rule
On the 23rd I went to check my post office box, and there was a package notice for me. Now, I couldn't recall buying anything recently, so I had no idea what it was. Unfortunately, it was the Saturday before Christmas and the Post Office wasn't open, so I couldn't get it right away. Then, once the Post Office was open, I was back at work and thus still couldn't get it. My first day off was January the first, and (thus again) I still couldn't get it.

But!! Yesterday I went down to the post office, and I did get it.

Oh windrose! Words cannot describe my joy right now. There was truly a metric assload of ice hockey in my box of goodies. And I must admit while I was doing the house work yesterday I was blowing my whistle.

Thank you so much!! I owe ya big time,

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Yay, it got there! *happy dance*

I'm already starting the next box. It may be thinner, as the boys have been on a bit of a losing streak lately. :P

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