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Can Mother Nature stop with the PMS

and just make her mind up???

Seriously, she needs to work out with hemisphere she's working in, and make sure she gets the climate right. About a month ago it got hot. Here in the Southern Hemisphere it does that, what with December, January and February being summer and all. It wasn't too hot; I think the temp was coasting along at 36C. Then, clearly Mama N got all confused as to where she was, and the temperature plummeted. I mean, I went from one day sleeping in my cotton jimjams with only a sheet to going to bed in my flannel nigtwear with two blanets, a doona and a hot water bottle. The warmest it got during the day was 16C.

It was snowing in Tasmania, while in New South Wales bush fires were being fought. Snow and bush fires are not normally seen together on the news. Not in Australia at any rate.

Less than a week later the Mercury is hitting 40C again.

Now while that is a wee bit on the hot side, I am still arguing with people that it's not that hot. I mean, yes it's hot, but I think people would be coping with the heat we've got at the moment, if we hadn't had such a cold snap. With Spring and Autumn you get slowly used to the increase or decrease of the temperature. Sure, it can still be uncomfortable, but at least you're not experiencing a 20 - 30 degree C change in less than 24 hours.

So, to the gods of weather; if you're going to want to bitchslap us like that, don't you think you're being mean enough with the whole drought thing???? I've heard the news people say that this is a drought that only comes along every one thousand years. That can't be good.

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