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Moving in
I've just booked out of the hotel I was staying at, and have finally moved in proper into the house I"m renting. The cats are coming this afternoon, and once their here I shall finally consider myself moved to West Wyalong.

It shall be interesting to see how the cats react. For starters, they've been in a boarding place for 47 days. I don't think they're going to be very forgiving about that. And considering that they hated everyone but me before that, I'm almost positive that they're going to be a bit unfriendly towards me for a while. On the other hand, it may have been good for them to be away and with other people.

The house I'm renting is...rather special. Or should I say, crap. It's an old (emphasis on OLD) weatherboard place, with uneven floors and by the sounds of it birds living inside the roof. However, due to the mine being only recently opened, newer places cost about $260.00 a week to rent, and since I'm trying to save money so I can buy a place soon I can't afford that.

My parents came over yesterday to have a look at the place, and to bring over some stuff I've had in storage for the last five years. I had tried to warn them that the place was old, but I think the house was a bit of a shock to them. I was talking to Mum this morning, and she said Dad didn't sleep well last night, due to the house I'm in.

There's a back story there involving my Nan. Her house was like this one; and Dad had always hoped that neither of his kids would ever have to live in a house like hers. Like I said to Mum though, I've only got a six month lease while I save some more money for a deposit on a nice place, and since the place is a bit dilapidated, it will actually make me more likely to get off my arse and move.

I must admit though that the house is growing on me. It does have a lot of character, and now that I have my furniture in it, it does look somewhat better. And it's not permanent. Hopefully by March I'll be a Home-Owner.

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It will take time for your lads to both adjust to the new environment and to forgive you, but it can be done. Spooky and Ezra were both furious at me after being gone for a month, but they eventually came around.

I expect pictures of the new (old) place once you get settled. And I will keep my fingers crossed that you find just the right house to buy when it gets to that point. ^.^

The boys were delivered about an hour ago. It took ages for them to come out of the travel cages, and I was really impressed by the guy who delievered them. He's been running his own kennels/cattery for 14 years, and he really enjoys his job. He didn't try and force the boys out of the cages, he just opened them up, and sat down and had a chat with me while we waited for them to walk out on their own accord.

They've been freaking out a bit; Owen won't stop crying. But I'm finding the best thing I can do is ignore them.If I don't go actively looking for them, they come to me and so far both of them have come for scritches,

Marles likes to be able to see me, and comes up to me quite a lot, but if I make a move towards him he runs. He's happy at the moment to be in the same room as me.

Owen was okay when he first got here and wouldn't leave my side, but now he's hiding and crying. He's like he was when I first bought them home, and I didn't see him for two weeks. He'll come out when he's ready. Or hungry.

Marley looks good, but Owen has lost a LOT of weight, which I was expecting. He'd lose weight when I was gone for a week, so a month of being in boarding has taken it's toll. But he'll be okay.

My Dad has already started house-hunting for me. As Dad's like to be in control of major decisions you make. (I think he thinks he could have found a nicer place than the one I"m renting. But, in the end it's my money, my life, my choice.) But yes, there shall be photos.

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