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About Freakin' Time!
The banning of skinny models

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I saw that! It made me cheer. Here's hoping other fashion shows take the hint.

(Deleted comment)
Sorry I've taken so long to reply, but I've been busy moving from SA to NSW, starting a new job, and having a stent inserted into my brain to help with some of the wonderful side effects of the Chiari.

It's been a busy month. I only found out I have the malformation two months ago when I went blind in my right eye for two weeks. It's great to hear from another person who has this, as I haven't heard of many people who know about this, let alone have it. Do you mind if I add you to my friendslist?

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Before I moved to NSW I found a really good neurosurgeon in Adelaide, who did the stent insertion. He was friendly, and explained everything really well, so I"m gonna stick with him, and make trips back to SA if I need to. I figure that since he knows my case and I feel comfortable with him, I should stick with him.

I've been really lucky with my chiari so far. I haven't had half the headaches that everyone else gets. And since the stent has 'settled in', I haven't had a single headache.

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