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Comfort fic needed
Not good day
I am having the most crap day at work, so it would be the nicest thing ever if when I came home I had a list of 'comfort fic' to read. So guys, what fic makes you feel good? Any fandom, as long as it has a happy ending.

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Re: Better late than never....

I warn you, most of the PotC fanfic out there is utter shite, regardless of the pairing. I will also admit a fondness for Sparrow/Norrington. If you like "A Strange Lull" let me know, and I'll see if I can dig up some more decent Sparrington for you what little there is</i>.

And really, isn't that the only reason we watch, since a kindergarten class full of monkeys could write better scripts?

Snerk. True, very true.

I am pondering writing AU revisionist crackfic for SG:A. I am not sure if this is because of the horror that was "Misbegotten", the fever I have, or both.

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