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Yesterday I went and saw the X-Men 3 movie. Without giving anything away, I was a mite disappointed in it. I had heard reviews where they said that it wasn't as good as the first two, but I figured it had a)Hugh Jackman in it, and b) it's a third movie, so I went into in expecting just fun and mutant goodness. Not even Hugh made me think it was goodness personified (which is how I felt about the first two. 'Cause, Hugh Jackman in leather with those way sexy eyebrow moves he does makes the world a happy place. But not in this movie.)

But! After the movie ended I got home and checked my email. In my email box was a link to my first uni course results, and another email from the job that's closer to home.

With the job, it's about the same money, with superannuation and private medical, and if I'm successful they'll pay the relocation costs.

With the uni results, I got an overall credit. (And was only 5 marks off a distinction.)

There was much joy in my household. So I went to Vic's house to celebrate and after that I came home, and wrote a drunken joyful email to people to let them know how great day was.

Oh people, I should not be alllowed to write when I am drunk. The spelling...oh the spelling!! I had warned people going in that the spelling might be bad, but this was just.....There. Are. No. Words. However, it did indeed have a joyful vibe to it. As a plus though, one of my friends was also drunk, and she replied with her own drunken email. So I don't feel as bad about my spelling, as her was worse.

Which means I had three wins yesterday!! Yay!!

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