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Someone invent a teleporter!!!
My trip
I bought a really cool CD rack on Saturday, and after I put it in it's place and filled it with my CD's I was re-arranging my knick-knacks on top of it. Doing that made me long to be back in the States going on my grand adventure.

Sometimes I'll be walking down the street in Roxby, and I'll find myself missing the steep streets of San Francisco. I go out to lunch with the girls, and all I want is a salad with blue cheese dressing. I even miss the ads on US television.

My house these days is a love letter to the US. I bought a huge mounted poster of the Dali painting I fell in love with the SF. My cats lounge against a stuffed manatee doll. Bands that haven't hit Australia live on my stereo, and make me so very very happy. A family of snowdomes (Holding the Golden Gate Bridge, New York, and Snooty) beg to be tipped upside-down and the windchimes I bought dance for me all the time. The dream-catcher I grabbed has done it's job perfectly, and I have had no bad dreams since I hung it on my wall.

But I long to be back. Being myself with no one knowing me or caring who I was. Having the strength to talk to complete strangers on planes, or standing in lines at DisneyLand. I used to get so excited going into supermarkets for everyday items, because I was buying something I had only ever seen in a movie before. (Seriously, no one should get that excited buying NyQuill). I wish I had more gypsy blood in me. I wish I had the guts to quit my job and pack up my house and just go back.

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You've got a place to stay here should you ever decide to come back, even if just for a visit.

If someone ever invented a teleporter - or even a TARDIS - I would seriously spend every second set of 4 days off on your lounge. I would DEFINATELY be there for every sharks game.

(But I am coming back next year for a much longer stay with you.)

Aw, it's nice to be appreciated for a change. Glad you enjoyed the USofA. :-)

I was very (but pleasantly) surprised at how much I enjoyed the US. I think it helps having an Australian accent; everyone loves to talk to an Aussie.

And next time 'round I'm in your fair country I'll make sure I've got time to pop in and say hi. :g:

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