Erika Sanely (erika_sanely) wrote,
Erika Sanely

If it's Friday -

It must be broken.

Yet again, the mad-house I work in is having a wee bit of a small problem. Over a week ago, a minor human error caused the entire site to go down. And it's going to take at the very least another week to ten days before it even looks like being possible to start it back up and get things moving again. There is absolutely nothing to do. Except clean the floor with a toothbrush if you were so inclined. I'm not.

But how does this place make money? How do they convince the shareholders that they know what they're doing? I have learnt a few things while working here -

1) Blame others.
2) People will believe everything if you use words like "minor problem", "expect it to be fixed within a few hours barring any unforeseen problems."
3) Blame others while explaining how you weren't even in the state at the time it broke down.

These will work every time. And convince people who should know better to give you millions of dollars to pour after the millions of dollars they've already given you.

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