Erika Sanely (erika_sanely) wrote,
Erika Sanely

For the record -

In the event that I become insanely famous - which, considering I live in the desert and there's no chance of ever being discovered, I think the probability of my being famous is a certainty. I've read enough trashy novels and seen enough bad TV to know people are discovered in the strangest of places. - I have already decided on my unborn children's names.

It seems to me that the more famous you are, the more elaborate your spawns name can be without you being arrested for cruel and unusual punisment and sentencing the child to being picked on at school every single second of their lives. So, here are my children's names:

The boy-child shall be called Nebuchadnezzer Blue. The girl-child shall be known as Moonbeam Passionfruit Lamp-post (We shall call her 'Fruity' for short).

Just from these names alone, I think we can all be sure that not only will I win an Oscar, I"ll end up with a Grammy, an Emmy, a Logie, a Pulitzer, and a Nobel prize in at least 3 different categories gracing my mantlepiece. I'll try to remember you all in all of my acceptance speeches.

Of course, if fame somehow eludes me, the children shall be Joe and Mary.

So, what will your children be called if you get famous??

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