Erika Sanely (erika_sanely) wrote,
Erika Sanely

Movie Soundtrack of your life

The rules:

1. Put your music player of choice on shuffle
2. Scene one = first song played, scene two = second, so on.
3. No cheating/skipping
4. Pass it on

* Opening Credits: Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous - Good Charlotte
* Waking Up: 1,2 Step Ciara featuring Missy Elliot
* An Ordinary Day: Don’t Wanna Be Left Out - Powderfinger
* The First Date: Wuthering Heights - James Reyne
* Falling in Love: D.A.F. - Powderfinger
* The Rumble: I Think We’re Alone Now - Tiffany
* The Break-up: Save Me - Queen
* Getting Back Together: All My Life - Foo Fighters
* Life's Okay: My Prayer - Harry Connick, Jr.
* The Mental Breakdown: Forgotten - Avril Lavigne
* Cruising: Amazing Grace - Ani DiFranco
* The Flashback: When the War is Over - Cosmio DeVito
* The Frat Party: Whisper - Evanescence
* Everybody Dance Now: Thorn in My Side - Eurythmics
* Regretting: Come on Little Heartbreaker - Little Birdy
* The Long Night Alone: ...Let’s Talk About Sex - Salt-N-Pepa
* A Death: Bonaparte’s Retreat - Willie Nelson
* End Credits: Pipefitter’s Clubhouse - The Odds.

I mean, Willie Nelson??!?!?! Which, isn't that bad - I think having a Tiffany song trumps that one.

If any of you thought my musical tastes were questionable, this shouldn't allay any of your fears.
Tags: meme

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