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My Tree thanks to slodwick

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Don't Call Me Kevie

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GIP and explanation of the pic
This is one of my favourite photos of my Nan. Just before she moved into the village (about 2 years before she died), when her kids were cleaning her house they stumbled upon a box full of old photographs. All of us were allowed to take a few. I grabbed some of her wedding photos, a pic of my Dad about 16 years old, this really cool pic where someone had taken two photos without rolling on the film (it's the store front of my grandmother's parents store, and another picture of some people. Very ghostly) and this picture of Nana K.

She's wearing her brother's gas mask from WW2. I think she was younger than I am now when this photo was taken, and for me it reveals a whole new side to Nan. She was once young and did things that weren't completely serious all the time. There was a time where she didn't have nine kids. There was a time where she didn't have a tea-towel over her shoulder and fed my brother and I buttered toast on Saturdays.

She was a person before she was Nan.

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I love it. It was so weird when I first found this picture of her; it was hard to think of her as anything other than my grandmother.

But ever since I found this picture, I talk to it almost everyday. Just to say hi to Nan, and to tell her how my day was. Having this pic has made me feel closer to her than ever.

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