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Wash is a leaf
I firmly believe the main - if ONLY - reason Australia keeps knocking back becoming a Republic is so we can keep participating in the Commonwealth Games.

So far we've won a total of 70 medals. England has the next largest amount with 37 medals.

In the Olympics, we have to go up countries like the USA and we never have a hope against them. But in the Commonwealth Games...? We rule.

I always feel more embarrassed to be Aussie during these games. I wish we were given time handicaps or something to make it really interesting.

The one thing I enjoy about these games, and the Olympics for that matter, is I always end up finding out about a country I've never heard of before. You'd think you've heard of every place, and then you get a country like Guernesy or Kiribata. Their names roll off my tongue and I go to night dreaming of exotic places I"ll never go to.