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My Tree thanks to slodwick

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Don't Call Me Kevie

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My Tree thanks to slodwick
My drinks went really well, which was surprising. It's been hot again here in Roxby (I think yesterday for 35+), and we were all shagged from working all day. But! Once we all sat down and started chatting and drinking and eating party pies and mini-sausage rolls we were rockin'. I got a new nickname - Aphro now calls me "Sunshine" due to a hairy guy at work who already has two live-in girlfriends calling me that. He keeps asking me to cook for him one night. I have said no. But he still keeps trying, all the while calling me Sunshine.

I may have drunk 3 bottles of champagne all by myself. It gets a bit hazy. The party wrapped up about 1am, and I did a bit of clean up before heading off to bed. I found my jeans out in the backyard this morning; I must have thought that my bedroom was bigger than I remembered.

Woke up this morning with only a headache, which became worse the moment I realised I had no aspirin or panadol in the house. So I had some water and went back to sleep and woke up for real at the very respectable hour of 1130am. Headache gone!!

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Happy birthday, in case my card didn't make in on time! :-)

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