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Can someone turn down the sun?!?!?!
Burnt Rock by wintercreek
Okay. This is now bordering on the freakin' ridiculous.

The other day at 6pm it was 46C.

Yesterday on my way to work (at 5am) it was already 31C.

The other day I drank 4 litres of water, and only had to go to the toilet twice the whole day.

And just now?? The fire alarm out in the sample prep shed has just gone off. Due to the work out there, it only goes off when the temp inside the shed goes above 60C.

Yes, 60C.

Surely there's a cool change comin' our way.

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They just talked about the heat in your country in the news - following the announcement that the temperature here is supposed to drop twenty degrees tomorrow and we could get down to -17 C in my area. I think we should just mix the air over our countries. ;-)

I can't even comprehend what -17C would feel like!!

If we mixed our temperatures it would be about 29C. How nice would that be?!?!

But, we have our cool change! Yay! Not as cool as your weather though :-)

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