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My Tree thanks to slodwick

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I can't believe I did it...
My wits
I just enrolled to do a Uni bridging course this year. The first study period involves me re-learning how to study, and organise my time, and how to take an exam. The second study period will be an actual course, and that one is called "Australian and Global Society" which sounds really interesting.

So wish me luck guys. Wish me luck.

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(Deleted comment)
I cannot even begin to explain how nervous I am about this.

This is going to sound horrible: I love all my friends here, but they don't know the difference between Kierkegaard and the Swiss guard. If I don't use my brain soon, I fear it will end up in a state of atrophy. So, study it is.

(But hey, if I do end up doing well, this could end up with me being able to go for a Green Card one day and getting a job in the US!)

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