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Random Thoughts in No Particular Order -

I find it extrememly rude for someone to take a phone call during Mass. Damn non-practicing Catholics. While I'm all for Baptisms, I just think that it would be nice if the kid getting covered in Holy Water would actually be going to Mass more than that once in its lifetime. But I guess everyone has to start somewhere... But please if I could ask just two things - turn off your phone, and don't let the youngsters play with the Holy Water. Oh - one more thing - Do Not (I repeat) Do Not let your children climb all over the people next to you, just because they are kneeling. I may have said "Peace be with you", but really, if your kid is kicking me, you can bet I don't mean it.

I'm hot. I'm hot and cranky. I haven't eaten a proper meal in two days, as it is too fricking hot to eat. And there's only so much ice-cream a grownup can take. And it saddens me that I have learnt that limit. Only got to 43C today. (Only she says!) If anyone has any spare snow in their driveways, please send it to me. I'll pay the postage.

I have reached my limit in Reality Television. And that scares me - never in my wildest dreams did I ever suspect such a thing occuring. It is one of Life's Constants: Erika's love of the Reality Programming. My 'in-person' friends have relied on my reality TV knowledge much in the past. In fact, some of them don't even bother to watch - they allow me to reenact the best parts. (And I do a rockin' Survivor contestant.) There's just too much on now, and I can only commit to two shows. Survivor and Average Joe. And now that Dennis has left I just can't find it in me to care about Average Joe. Though I think the gloriousness that is Survivor AllStars may be the death of me. Go Rupert!! Please, for those further ahead of these shows than me, don't take away the suspense. Give me something to keep living for.

Fireflies is a crap TV show. Bron - what are you doing walking around in a thong?!?! And not the usual Aussie thong?!?! Go back to All Saints! Please, I beg you!!And since when has Australia had a "lightning belt"? For that matter, since when have Australian children been getting names like Fifi instead of Kimmie? Or Sharon? It may last, but only as it is on the ABC (Cue the hum now).

If people really cared for their animals, why would they wait for a surprise visit from Dr. Harry? Surely if the lump was that bad, you'd get the soonest possible Vet appointment?

Before I started writing this, I had many random thoughts flitting through my head like a fairy god-mother. And now, nothing. I got nothing. My thoughts have melted and dripped from my head. Woe.

Any one know of a place to find Mag7 icons? I'm in the mood for a Buck nudie run icon, but I haven't any pics of him doing so.

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