Erika Sanely (erika_sanely) wrote,
Erika Sanely

Well, I'm back in Roxby. The planes didn't crash on the way back, and I didn't drown in the bath-tub. I guess things are looking up.

Mum rang me last night to find out how the concert was, and she caught me at a bad time where I was not ready for her phone call, and thus didn't have my "happy face" voice on. So she spent the next ten minutes telling me what a nice person I am, and to not worry about things, and that I will one day find someone because I have a huge heart, and someone will be worthy of it. Which was nice to hear. But it was Mum; Mum's say stuff like that.

Miss Chris is coming over for coffee tomorrow which will make me feel better. She helped me a lot when I first went to the doctor and found out I was Depression, so I"m sure she will say nice things to me and mean things about him that will make my heart feel less mis-shapened.

He hasn't even text me to check I got home safe.

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