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My Tree thanks to slodwick

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Don't Call Me Kevie

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Holiday Rodney

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

In June I gave joanne_c a kidney (1000 points). In August I set thenightsfall's puppy on fire (-66 points). In November I gave change to a homeless guy (19 points). In January I donated bone marrow to windrose in a life-saving procedure (300 points). In July on a flight to Bangladesh, I stole the emergency flight information card (-40 points).

Overall, I've been nice (1213 points). For Christmas I deserve a shiny red ball!


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Oh Great Cthulhu!

I have been an extremely busy devotee this year.

In November, I prepared an ocean voyage to R'lyeh (200 points). In April, I legally changed my name to Randolph Carter (-40 points). When the stars were right, I rescued [info]bonniebluebitch from being sacrificed (-200 points). In August, I fed [info]cycnus39 to a Shoggoth (250 points). In June, I defiled the grave of that traitor, Lovecraft (90 points). In March, I made a burnt offering to the Dead Dreamer (100 points).

In short, I have been very good (400 points) and deserve to be promoted to High Priest.

Your humble and obedient servant,

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What can I say...? When you're good, you're good!