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My Tree thanks to slodwick

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It Ain't the Heat That'll Kill Ya
My Tree thanks to slodwick
it's the humidity.

Sad but true. We are in the midst of a heat wave - how unusual for the desert in Australia in the summer. Yesterday it got to 44C, and today it's supposed to get to 43C. It's already about 39C now, and it's only midday. It's not even the really hot part of the day. I honestly fear parts of my brain have melted.
At least though I am much better off than my friend Donna. Last week her airconditioner blew up. So she has nothing to stave off the heat. Fans are pretty much useless at the moment - they can only do so much with this much heat.

How on earth did our ancestors cope?

The heat's not to bad. A few weeks ago it wasn't as hot as now, but it was aboslutely horrible. We were having like a 87% humidity. So not only is everything hot, but everything is hot and sticky. And not in a good way

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I'm with ya on the hot and sticky and not in a good way vibe, especially in my airless little attic. Too hot for PC, dvd or even to have the light on to read - pout. It's been 42C out here in the suburban wastelands, with dripping humidity. Ick.

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