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My Tree thanks to slodwick

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The lure of Sims and Fic
While visiting her royal blueness she casually showed me the joys of Sims. And after we killed Vin Tanner from the Magnificent 7 in many diffferent ways (which? By the way? was THE MOST FUN EVER. I especailly enjoyed how after he died one of the other characters danced in glee and rejoiced that he was dead. And we didn't ask for that to happen. It was just a very special bonus.), she showed me her Stargate:Atlantis world.

And I must admit, I kinda sorta enjoyed watching Sim!Shepperd doing yoga. In a way that almost made me feel dirty. Almost. I'm a slasher. It takes more than a bendy computerised cartoon male to make me feel really dirty.

I wondered what I was missing with this fandom. So I started reading some of the Shepperd/McKay fic. And then, without ever having seen an episode I went and bought the entire first season box set.

I likes. I likes a lot. I would go as far to say I am now addicted.

So are there any fics out there that I absolutely should read?

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(Deleted comment)
Thank you! Have saved fics for later on this week when I get sick of doing house-work and need an excuse to stop :g:

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