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My trip
Just letting everyone know that I have arrived in NY safe and sound. The plane out of Atlanta was delayed - and everyone on the plane did so enjoy how they waited until we were all seated and the cabin doors shut to tell us that "Yep, the plane is delayed. We're going to be sitting on the tarmac for at least an hour before going anywhere." Lovely.

I had the most fantastic time with seachanges. And if I didn't have tickets to Spamalot I wouldn't have left.

Between feeding Snooty the Manatee (and totally beating him in an arm wrestle... though he was such a beautiful creature that I'm sure it was his gentlemanly ways that made him refrain from pulling me in), carving pumpkins and having dinner with her family it was one of the most memorable times I've had. Her family were absolutely lovely, and the nephews are going to be real charmers when they're older.

And don't get me started on Stone claw crabs. As a non sea-food eater, these claws are stunning. Not at all fishy and meat so tender you could almost eat it through a straw.

That's the one bad thing about hanging out with seachanges: she has now addicted me to all these fantasic things we can't get in Australia. People, never ever doubt anything she tells you to try. She is not wrong about these things.

And leaving her was the hardest time I've had on this trip. It's the one time I wasn't excited to be going to a whole new experience. She rocks, and I miss her.

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(Deleted comment)
Go for it!! People need to feel jealous should share the wonderful experience.

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