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My bags are packed/ I'm already late...

So yeah, it's almost time for me to go to the airport to fly to the city. I'll be spending two days with my Aunt and to see my cousin's new baby daughter, and then....and then I'm off into the wide blue yonder.

I can't describe how I"m feeling right now. There's anticipation, some excitement - just a tinge of it, and a general feeling of "bring it on."

I must admit to last week having a freak-out about the whole kit and kaboodle. Everyone other than my parents, brother and Liam have said to me how they could never do it, wouldn't dream of going to a foreign country alone, and aren't you scared something might happen, etc. So I started to doubt myself, but I managed to talk myself out of it (okay, I cracked open a beer at 1030am and chainsmoked for an hour) and now I'm fine. I just want to get over there. I want to find out what I capable of, and who I am when I'm in unfamiliar circumstances.

seachanges I'll give you a call most likely on the 29th after I've doublechecked my flight details. I've written down all the time zones I need to remember, so I won't ring at an odd hour. And anything you have planned will be fantastic. You'll be the first person I catch up with in person, so be prepared for an excited Australian talking. People say we Australians talk fast, so don't be afraid to tell me to take a breath *g*

I'll try to write in here so you guys know I"m still alive, but i don't know how often. So I"ll catch you guys around. I'd say wish me luck, but I won't need it.
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