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My Tree thanks to slodwick

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Stealing the Titanic
My Tree thanks to slodwick
How did I get to be the person I am? When did I sign up to be 'the kooky/crazy/funny one'? And why didn't I read the fine print?

I went out to the club last night with a bunch of my friends for a wee bit of a meal. (Aside - and why is it whenever I do go out with my friends I always have this urge to ring my mother and go - "I have friends! No need to worry about me!" It's not like she's sitting at home worrying about the state of me or anything. I just like to let her know that if she was at home worrying about me being lonely, she would be wrong to do so) Now where was I?

Ah yes - the club. So I'm out eating my carvery meal, and another friend comes up with this huge grin on her face, leans down to me and says "My dad (who is visiting her from out of town) just asked me if you are the girl who stole the Titanic."

Which I am. (We all went out one night to this theme party. They even had this fake ploystyrene iceberg in the pool.) They had all these wooden Titanic boats (as opposed to Titanic cars Erika??) on the tables as decorations, and after a few bottles of wine and a couple of cowboy shooters I had the gloriously superb idea that we should take as many of these boats as possible. As everyone needs a foot-long Titanic. And so we did. We ended up taking 4? 5? And I honestly don't know how we got away with it. As usual we were the last to leave the party, and we hid all of these under my shawl. I think one of them I put under my shirt. We even had to walk past the bouncers at the door with said stolen decorations so cleverly hid.

I wasn't the only one who did what we did, so why am I the only one with the reputation for stealing them? Because I am the kooky/crazy/funny one. Am I okay with being known as the girl who stole the Titanic? Actually, yes. It's better than being the girl who stole the ash-tray. And if I re-call correctly my friend's dad thought it was hilarious - he even ended up taking one of the boats home with him.

I would like to point out that I've never stolen an ash-tray. Just in case you thought you saw a pattern in my behaviour.

But next time we're signing up for roles - I'd really like to be the sexy/sophisticated one.

And I really hope it's not true, but I just checked the TV guide for tonight and it's not looking good. No Stargate! Now that's just not nice people!

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You're only saying you want to be the kooky/crazy/funny one 'cuase you don't realise how much work it takes. :g:

And being the smart/controlled/independent one means you don't run the risk of ruining your voice/ killing yourself because you are famous for singing Celine Dion and/or Madonna songs at Karioke nights while sucking on helium.

I've just realised that I'm my friends version of Duckie from 16 Candles!

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