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Advice and Suggestions wanted
My trip
As you all know, I'm off to the US in a few months. Which, shall be most exciting. I cannot wait. I am counting down the sleeps like a 5 year old at Christmas. (In fact, it's 2 months tomorrow I leave Australia)

My brother, and my friend Liam both want me to go to New York while I'm over there. Liam has been there before, and said that I will love it, and I'll kick myself later on if I don't go.

So this question might be more for the Americans on my flist, but anyone who's travelled I'll listen to. As a single female, how safe do you feel in NY? I haven't been able to explain to Scott and Liam that women think differently to guys, and what they felt was safe and fun and easy can be completely different when you're a woman. Women notice things that men don't.

I'd love to go to New York City, but I need a slight push from the gusty chicks I know. And if you have been to NY, can you reccommend me places to stay**, to eat, things I should most definately see. Any and all advice will be gratefully accepted and remembered.

** I am a woman who loves her creature comforts. My idea of roughing it is 1 ply toilet papaer. Hostels and backbacker hotels aren't really my cup of tea. I likes my privacy.

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Consider your brains picked :g:

As to activities I want to do.... I'm really taking this trip easy. I have no set plans for anywhere really. While in NY (if I do go there) a show on broadway, a looksee at Madison Square Garden and then I want to sit somewhere and watch the entire world walk by. If I do go, I'll spend at least 4 days there, after I've caught up with you (in person!!!!!), so you can tell me then where to go

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