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Watching Jaws
Somehow, I have made it to this far in my life without ever seeing the Jaws movie before. I know I've watched one of the Jaws flicks, but not the first one.

I figured that times have changed in the thirty years since it was made, and it would look cheesy and I would not be at all a scaredy cat. I mean, everyone knows the shark is fake.

But from the get-go I was shit-scared. The music. Oh lordy, that music holds so much power. From the very first dur-dun your heart starts to race. And I screamed. Twice. And hid under a blanket once.

And having just watched the mythbusters Jaws special beforehand kinda made it worse. When Richard Dreyfuss got into the anti-shark cage I was screaming at him to get out, 'cause he would die!! 'Cause Adam and Jamie proved it!!!

On a different note, Richard Dreyfuss was hot in that. 'Specially with his little beanie and beard. Rob Scheider was also hot, in his black ensemble, but I was all about the oceanologist. I wanted his babies.

And thanks to mythbusters, I think I enjoyed the ending even more. There was a big boom.

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I can't believe you've never seen JAWS before! That is one of my favorite movies ever.

And yeah, Dreyfuss is hot. ;)

I can't believe you've never seen JAWS before!

Either can I. I think it's because it's one of those movies that's so famous you think you've seen it. A lot of the scenes and quotes in it I knew, but yeah: I was a JAWS virgin until last night. I am kicking myself now for not having seen it before this.

You know what I loved the most about it? How freakin' scary it was. When I sat down to watch it, I thought if anything I'd laugh and cringe at how badly it would have aged, and the poor special effects. I mean, I sit through CSI every week, and many other tv shows or movies with heaps of blood and gore, so JAWS would be a cinch. But it was what they didn't show in JAWS that would freak me out. And the damn music! If they ever remade JAWS and made it more gory I think that would totally ruin it.

It's proof that Spielberg knew how to make a good movie, once upon a time. Sometimes, I wish he and Lucas had never become famous enough to get those multi-million dollar budgets, because less really is more, especially when you're trying to scare the crap out of people.

You know what always gets me? The scene where Quint tells the story about being on the USS Indianapolis. Talk about chills down your spine, Jesus.

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