Erika Sanely (erika_sanely) wrote,
Erika Sanely

Watching Jaws

Somehow, I have made it to this far in my life without ever seeing the Jaws movie before. I know I've watched one of the Jaws flicks, but not the first one.

I figured that times have changed in the thirty years since it was made, and it would look cheesy and I would not be at all a scaredy cat. I mean, everyone knows the shark is fake.

But from the get-go I was shit-scared. The music. Oh lordy, that music holds so much power. From the very first dur-dun your heart starts to race. And I screamed. Twice. And hid under a blanket once.

And having just watched the mythbusters Jaws special beforehand kinda made it worse. When Richard Dreyfuss got into the anti-shark cage I was screaming at him to get out, 'cause he would die!! 'Cause Adam and Jamie proved it!!!

On a different note, Richard Dreyfuss was hot in that. 'Specially with his little beanie and beard. Rob Scheider was also hot, in his black ensemble, but I was all about the oceanologist. I wanted his babies.

And thanks to mythbusters, I think I enjoyed the ending even more. There was a big boom.

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