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My Tree thanks to slodwick

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(no subject)
I just got the nicest postcard in the mail from mabiana. Thank you! I adore getting 'real' mail, especially unexpected. I love the picture on the front!

In unrelated news, yesterday while I was away, I bought "The Philadelphia Story". I have never seen it before, but I felt in the mood for some Cary Grant. How on earth have I never seen this before!?! The dialogue! The chemistry! The sarcasm! why can't they make movies like this now? But then again, who would be in it. I can't think of many female actors who have the charisma and enough flesh on their bones to play that kind of role.

I also bought "Fiddler On The Roof". I've never seen that movie either, but I like the song "Matchmaker." So I'll go watch that now.

Other than that, I have nothing of import to add.