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My Tree thanks to slodwick

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Don't Call Me Kevie

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My Favourite Things Part 3
My Tree thanks to slodwick
Another my one my favourite words. This one I believe originates from my friend whom we shall call Jackka. I've never heard anyone use it before, or since. But it's a great word, and deserves it's time in the sun.


Now bare with me while I explain the word. You know when your busting to :ahem: urinate, but through no fault of your own you are unable to go when you first feel the need. So you hold it. And hold it. And then you may even need to do the little jiggly dance that somehow helps you not to go. And sometimes - the worst times - you need to stop doing the jiggly dance to help you not go.

And then you go.

Bliss! It's probably the greatest feeling in the world - almost even better than an-honest-to-goodness 'gasm. The kind of feeling where if you've got the misfortune to be in a public toilet when you finally get to go you try not to groan in pleasure too loud.

The Uro-gasm: one of life's simple pleasures. I was going to say the most fun you can have with your clothes on, but that would be wrong. But the next time you inadvertently have a Uro-gasm, be happy that that feeling now has a name.

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Well, that was a day brightener. Thank you!

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